Bashundhara LP Gas Limited is one of the subsidiaries of Bashundhara Group and the first private LP Gas bottling and marketing company in Bangladesh. The plant situated in Mongla Port Industrial Are on the bank of the Pashur River. It has its own jetty facilities and LPG sourcing is solely import oriented. Storage facility consists of six spherical tanks each of 500 metric ton capacity (total 3000 metric ton capacity) and has two sets of carousal system having 24 filling posts each (total 2×24=48 nos.). The plant can refill up-to 2,000 cylinders per hour.

The company is marketing and distributing their product in the brand name of ‘Bashundhara LP Gas’ in glossy red color and set to introduce a new brand cylinder under the name of “Bashundhara Premium LP Gas” in yellow body color. Apart from marketing/distributing of LP gas In various size of cylinders (12 Kg, 30 kg & 45 Kg), the company also sell and supply the LP Gas in bulk form carrying by LPG Road Tankers for small/medium LP gas bottlers and commercial/industrial customer as well according to their demand. In this connection, the company has obtained two LPG Road Tankers having carrying capacity of 18 MT each.

The company started its operation in the year 1999 and availed the vast opportunities of market scarcity as the LP gas provided by Bangladesh Petroleum Corporation was not able to fulfill the huge demand gap. Bashundhara Group has very wide and established channels of distribution and Bashundhara LP Gas utilizes these opportunities for LP Gas marketing. It has now 26 transportation trucks for distribution of LPG cylinder and enjoys a very good grip over distributors. The biggest storage capacity (3000 metric ton) with obtained maximum cylinder filling scales facilities provides an advantage in import of LP Gas as ocean going full capacity LP Gas Vessels can easily berth at its own jetty and upload the company in leading position to take hold of the major market share in Bangladesh.

Year of Inception: 1999

Location: Mongla Port Industrial Area, Bagerhat

Product: LP Gas